Our processes and management of translation services have...


We take your words very seriously. We have translated millions of words for hundreds of clients in a wide variety of fields. All worked with the same care and passion.
A craftsmanship as old as the word itself, skilfully enriched by new technologies, in which we have become knowledgeable experts. A Cloud platform allows us to work in real time with our collaborators, all selected according to the highest industry standards, ensuring accuracy, timeliness, and stylistic and terminological consistency over time.

Through the technologies in which we have invested, we are also able to streamline any quote based on the amount of repetition in texts. Everything that is translated once is yours forever. If, after some time, you require a partial modification of a document, or a website, you will not be charged any cost for previously translated parts. We train our staff through webinars, assistance during every phase of a project and the creation of ad hoc user manuals so that the whole team is perfectly able to collaborate in real time through the instruments that we have chosen to use.

The workflow is tracked in each single step, allowing us to improve the service and create a customised solution for each client.

Our services in the translation field:
translations, revisions, sworn translations, translations legalised or apostilled in the prosecutor’s office/prefecture, translations with affixation of consular stamps at the embassies of destination countries, notarised translations, translations stamped and certified by our professional office.

Our languages:
Italian, British English, American English, French, German, Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Romanian, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Sinhalese, Tagalog, Lithuanian, Latvian, Bulgarian, Greek, Turkish, Polish, Albanian, Hungarian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Slovene, Czech, Finnish, Icelandic, Korean, Swedish. To name those most requested from us.

The types of document in which we specialise:
company profiles, financial statements, legal documents, documentation for tenders and contracts, articles and journalistic publications in the fields of international politics, geopolitics and architecture, religious publications, websites, brochures, financial and business documents, group profiles, press releases, presentations, contracts, scientific publications, art and culture magazines, as well as instruction manuals, informed consent, clinical trials, market research, interviews.

The areas in which we work most:
governmental, IT, e-commerce, legal, medical, pharmaceutical, advertising, literary, artistic, trade, electronics, financial, banking, accounting, social media, journalistic, managerial, tourism, design, energy, engineering, environmental, industrial, religious, software, transports and services, marketing and communication, architecture, telecommunications, fashion and lifestyles, training.

Within the scope of legal services, we deal with evaluation of the type of document to be translated, its end use and the entity that will receive the deed. Based on the information available, we help the client understand what kind of service is required, namely a sworn certification in court, an authentication in the prosecutor’s office or prefecture (depending on the persons who have signed the documents, such as clerks and notaries or public officials), a notarisation at notary offices, affixation of apostilles for countries adhering to the Hague Convention, or finally, the affixation of consular stamps at the embassies of countries of destination for documents.
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