Our processes and management of translation services have...


We would like to share some of our recent projects which, because of their nature or the handling required, appear to us to best describe the way we work.

Publication of our translation into English of the proceedings of the conference on “ITALY ACCORDING TO THE REGIONAL PUBLIC ACCOUNTS. PUBLIC FINANCIAL FLOWS IN THE CULTURE AND RECREATIONAL SERVICES SECTOR" organised by the Department of Territorial Public Accounts of the Ministry of Economic Development. A careful examination of the materials already translated in the past aimed at maintaining a consistent style and terminology in all publications of the Department and a good example of collaboration with the client, whom we thank, which allowed us to promptly confirm the translations and update glossaries and translation memories specifically created for the project.

Over 400,000 words translated into French in less than a month. Thousands of strings of programming from the complex software suite for the energy and utilities market. A team of five translators coordinated by an in-house mother tongue Project Manager managed to ensure delivery on time without losing sight of the quality of work. Translation memory and glossary dedicated to the project, shared in real time among all translators and validated daily by the Project Manager, ensured consistency of terminology and success of the project.

Since the beginning of 2013 we have been taking care of translation of the quarterly mailing of COMPASS. The challenge is quite demanding: Nine languages including Arabic, Sinhalese and Tagalog to be returned in 48 hours, fully translated, revised and re-checked in paginated and print-ready format; without forgetting the different time zones of our collaborators ... A decidedly challenging undertaking that we always face with great energy and dedication.

Since the end of 2013, the new Engineering site has been online. We took care of the English and Portuguese translation and the creation of subtitles for integrated videos. For this project we prepared a dedicated translation memory and glossary that permit translation of the updates that we receive on a weekly basis while maintaining maximum consistency of style and terminology. In fact, the site is rich in information of a general nature but also content that requires specialised technical translations.

For Caudalie France, a company leader in top-end cosmetics, we take care of the translation of the entire marketing plan on social, paper, web and advertising media. To ensure that the communication is truly integrated, it is essential that the terminology used is always consistent over time and among the different channels used. For this, we have created dedicated glossaries which we update and periodically submit to verification by those responsible for communication and products. Having cooperated with them since 2011, we have slowly entered their world and we love it. We <3 it!

Financial translations, especially for complex groups such as IBL Banca, call for special terminological precision and accuracy. The first step for translating the 2012 Consolidated Financial Statements and the 2013 Rating Book was to use terminology extraction and translation memory management systems to import financial documents previously translated by the client (balance sheets, statements, quarterly reports) to validate the terminology used by the organisation and insert it into the new dedicated glossary. The result was a work consistent with the language and identity of the group and with the required adjustments.

Translating financial documents such as on policy concerning FACTA for MetLife, one of the world’s major insurance companies, is a great responsibility that we have faced with seriousness and professionalism. The search for reliable sources from which to extract the correct terminology and the specific regulatory correspondence among countries and different systems is a complex task that nevertheless ensures success of the work and satisfaction of the expectations of a client of this calibre.

Since 2011, we have been following the ICE (Intitute of Foreign Trade) and Assorestauro which has taken us around Italy on the discovery of numerous architectural marvels in the framework of restoration and urban development courses. We adopted wireless systems to provide simultaneous translation on the move and, with their preparation and flexibility, our interpreters have made a significant contribution to the success of all editions. These were models of itinerant interpreting, very tiring but enormously satisfying.

White Paper on the conservation and enhancement of heritage activities carried out by Italian UNESCO sites under Law 77/2006. The publication in three languages, produced by MIBAC (Ministry for the Cultural Heritage and Activities), was presented on 16 January 2014 in Rome. Between 2012 and 2013 we took care of the translation into English and French and verification for the print-ready copy, paying great attention to two aspects that we considered most important for the success of the work: coordinating the stylistic and editorial choices among several translators to give uniformity to language editions and identifying the most reliable sources in both languages for the numerous regulatory references that characterise the work. We are pleased with the result, as are our contacts in the Ministry, and we thank them.

On the occasion of the First International Congress of Osteopathy in Animal Practice we provided our services for the installation of all technical systems and simultaneous translation for the proceedings. We installed a system of simultaneous translation for 300 participants, the large screen video projection system and managed the slide point for the collection and projection of the more than 50 audio and video presentations that took place during the event. A special thanks goes to our interpreters who, in the preparatory phase of the event, carefully studied the abstracts of the speakers and created an extensive glossary that the congress organisers checked and validated before the event. A lengthy task that ensured the success of the not easy conference proceedings.