Our processes and management of translation services have...


For the success of a meeting, a conference or an event, it is necessary to rely on sector specialists who combine technical skills with flexibility and reliability. The public is there in that precise moment and everything has to be perfect.

We accompany you with extreme care in all phases of preparation and holding of a conference. From the choice of the conference centre to inspection at the event location, from procurement of materials for professionals in the translation booth to the choice of position for speakers, booths and technical workstations, installation of audio and video systems, meticulous control of the correct functioning of all equipment and assistance in real time during the event.

Our services:
international conferences, multilingual events, business dinners, informal meetings, company lessons, round tables, company meetings, product presentations, institutional meetings, marketing events, company visits, interviews, b2b meetings, meetings with international buyers.

We also offer a series of additional services:
   -  Preparation of the organising secretariat which guests, participants and suppliers can contact for all types of information
   -  Processing and printing of invitations and artwork
   -  Mailing list management
   -  Room layout
   -  Relations with the media, press releases
   -  Catering
   -  Hostess/Steward
   -  Audio and video recording of proceedings
   -  Transcription and Translation of conference acts and proceedings
   -  Inclusion of subtitles in videos of proceedings

Visit the Photo Gallery to see some of the events at which we have worked with our staff and our conference systems.