Our processes and management of translation services have...


Listen to a foreign language, understand the message that the speaker intends to send, translate it into one’s own language, and translate it well. In about 5 seconds. This is the mission of our interpreters, this is the standard for which we work hard.

Our interpreters come from the best universities for interpreters and translators, have worked in the interpreting field for at least 3 years, and are extremely talented.

We work together from project assignment until the final moment of the professional service, from the procurement of information materials in the days before the meeting until conclusion of the project.

Our services:
simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, negotiation interpreting, whispered interpreting, accompanying itinerant groups with audio guides, business lunches and dinners, business courses, interviews, simultaneous web TV interpreting, business meetings, conference calls, round tables, institutional meetings, international conferences or simple informal meetings.

Here are some of the widely differing sectors in which we have worked:
civil justice and legal conciliation, jurisdiction and mediation, workplace safety, renewable energy, pharmaceuticals, immigration and cultural integration, osteopathy in animal practice, food supplements, economic partnership agreements, trade and investment, business to business meetings between local players and international buyers, public expenditure and local authorities, infrastructure investment, antitrust regulations, continuing medical education, food, human rights, motorways of the sea, aerospace.

Visit the Photo Gallery to see some of the events in which we have participated with our interpreters and our simultaneous translation equipment.